Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in a kit home package?

  • Construction and foundation plans 

  • Lumber & sheathing 

  • Panelized walls 

  • OSB or plywood siding 

  • Rafters 

  • Hardware 

  • Windows & sliding glass doors 

Click here to view a PDF with more information.

How can I find out if these homes would be a good fit for my needs? 

Contact us! In a short conversation, we can figure out which specific model or design concept would be right for you. We will prepare a free cost estimate tailored to  your unique situation and building location.

Why a kit home vs traditional construction?

Kit Homes are quicker and easier to build due to the panelized walls which reduces labor costs and allows for you to save money by working with the best priced contractors in your local area.

Are building permits ever a problem?

Each Kit Home is designed individually and customized to comply with the local, state (or province), and municipality building codes. If you find that you are having troubles, we are here to help guide you through each step including the permitting process. 

What if the floor plans don't fit my needs?

Feel free to design your very own unique floor plan! We offer hundreds of different, already built in the field, proven plans,  but everyone has their own unique needs and wants and we get that.  Our designs can be modified & adjustments in sizes can be made easily - just ask!

What kind of roofing is best for kit homes?

Kit homes can use pretty much any kind of roofing that a standard home would. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material. They are not only affordable, but also easy to work with, very attractive, and they come in a variety of colors and textures. Other options include wood or metal shingles and spray on roofs.

Can you add a round structure onto an existing home?

With the use of a site-build connector, adding a round structure to an existing home is fairly simple. A designer can ensure that moving to and from the structure is easy.

What kinds of heating, cooling, and air ventilation systems are advisable?

California Builders, Inc. typically uses traditional heat and air conditioning, including forced air, electric baseboard, or in-floor radiant heat. The plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems of our kit homes are no different than those of a conventional structure, but you are able to consider some more sustainable energy options when constructing your kit home if you are interested.

What quality of materials are used? 

Our purchasing department uses internationally recognized standards of quality and cost to provide our customers with the finest possible product at the most reasonable price. This effort does not stop with the purchase of materials, but continues throughout the manufacturing process. The result is a product which we  are proud to build and our customers are proud to own.

What kind of interior finishing materials can I use? 

Any standard interior finishing material such as drywall or wood paneling work very well with kit homes. For easy drywall attachments, all studs are 16 inches on the center throughout.

Where do we ship to? 

Our Kit Homes can be shipped anywhere in the world, but if shipping outside of the Continental US, please let us know during the initial contact so that proper shipping charges and building specs are calculated.

How is it shipped?

Our kits are stored it in a climate controlled environment and shipped in closed containers so to keep lumber safe from all the elements of nature and to avoid damage by others, bad weather or mishandling during transportation. 

Do you offer warranties?

Our service quality is ensured and backed by a full one-year warranty with any on site construction we are employed to do.

Can a Kit Home be financed?

Yes - California Builders can help refer you to qualified mortgage brokers to help you finance your project.

Is there a required deposit?

To construct a project, a $ 3,500 deposit is required with a signed proposal or contract. The balance of the deposit is due upon delivery of blueprints and elimination of all contract contingencies, if any.  CBI will process the building permit in homeowner’s name, if requested (charges apply).


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