Round & Octagon Kit Homes

Our Octagon and Round Kit Homes are not only some of our easiest and quickest kits to assemble, but have many other benefits like panoramic views, energy efficiency, and space optimization as well. 

These kits are comprised out of specially fabricated steel metal connectors that tie the hip-rafters to the corner posts together as one continuous system. This unique roof system prevents any up-lifting of the roof off the wall system during a high winds storm or hurricane. The exterior wall system forms a single piece tension ring as if part of the exterior skin or membrane were one continuous band.  The rafters are then connected by a special high tensile steel compression hub ring that eliminates the need for a center post, allowing you to have full cathedral ceilings and eliminating the need to build the rooms around the typical center post.

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Benefits of Round/Octagon Homes


Round and Octagon homes consume less exterior space, and therefore required fewer construction materials and shorter exterior walls making these designs some of the easiest and least expensive to build. Additionally, Round and Octagons are easy to add onto any existing home; if that is something you are interested in, contact us with your ideas and we can work together to design something that works.



Round buildings are natural energy savers. The low ratio of exterior walls to interior space means that there is less surface area of your home contacting the elements (heat and cold) minimizing heat loss and gain due to a reduction in drafts. Additionally the option for panoramic windows allows for much more natural light than the average home (reducing your need for electricity for lighting) and much more cross ventilation to cool the home if needed.


Octagon and Round homes provide about 20% more indoor space than a square building that has the same perimeter. This is because an octagon encloses more space than a square, and the interior space has fewer space-wasting corners. These home designs don't require things like hallways, which take up space in a traditional square home without purpose.


Round and Octagon homes are found around the world from mountainous areas to tropical islands to jungles and more. Each kit from California Builders, Inc. is designed specifically and individually engineered to local code requirements including seismic and hurricane resistant requirements. The reduced surface area in combination with the round shape allows for these homes to stand up to strong winds in hurricane prone areas. 


As you explore our round and octagon floor plan options, keep in mind that if you see something that doesn't specifically fit your needs, California Builders, Inc. is happy to talk more and customize a design that works. Whether you are looking for specifics on foundation options, additions of crawl-spaces, or would like to know more about building on pilings, we can help with that!

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