Why choose a kit over traditional construction?

Increased construction speed.

One of the primary reasons people choose kit homes is because instead of waiting months or years to be able to move into their new home, the panelized wall concept allows your home to be completed sooner.

Reduced labor costs.

Once the walls are panelized, it is possible to raise walls (up to 70 feet long) with only a  two-man team instead of requiring a large construction team. This simplified building process reduces labor costs during the build.

Ability to build in remote locations.

Traditional construction generally requires contractors to bring in large equipment and/or have access to power. Kit homes don't! Kits can be brought into locations where obstacles could prevent traditional construction, and the ability to assemble the kits with standard power tools allows for off the grid builds.

Work with any local contractors you want.

Having a Kit Home delivered to you means you get to choose your local contractors (and we can help you with that if you need it). This means that instead of being tied by an exclusivity contract that requires you to use certain construction teams, plumbers, electricians, etc, you can find local options that are able to offer you the best prices and qualities.

The DIY option.

If you are interested in DIY, kit homes are a great option for you! Once your Kit Home is delivered, you get to choose whether or not you want to hire a contractor to build it for you or if you want to build it yourself. You also get to pick and choose all of your finishes - siding, colors, materials, etc.

Your home can still be custom to you!

We have tons of options available on our website, but if you see something you like, but the floor plan doesn't fit your needs, just let us know. We are happy to make modifications & adjustments for you!

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